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Modular Datacenters

With the acquisition of AST Modular, Schneider Electric adds capabilities into its already strong position in the prefabricated data center solutions market. With projects deployed in over 30 countries, AST Modular has successfully executed over 450 data center projects worldwide.

Micro datacenters

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Smart Data Safe

Smart Data Safe is a compact and secure plug & play storage box which provides fast data recovery. Specifically designed to provide protection to storage applications, Smart Data Safe incorporates an internal NAS for data backup purposes. Its standard version comes with integrated remote monitoring software including environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, vibration, flooding and power.

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Smart Bunker

Smart Bunker is a modular safe for servers and standard IT equipment which provides the same level of functionality and security as a data center in a either 23U or 46U industry standard rack configuration. It keeps critical data in a secure environment, increases data and hardware protection and guarantees 24/7 availability. Totally insulated and thermally efficient, Smart Bunker ensures protection against fire, flood, humidity, vandalism and EMF effects.

Modular datacenters

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ISO standard containers for data centers

Containerized Datacenters provide a fully functional and portable data center inside an ISO container with complete datacenter infrastructure. AST Modular containerized datacenters are also available as standalone IT, power and cooling modules that you can combine to achieve a fully plug & play large scale modular data center.

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Non-ISO standard modular container data centers

NON ISO Modular Data Center is a purpose-engineered system designed to offer scalable data center capacity in a matter of weeks. Available in two standard sizes of 25’ and 45’ and with multiple power and cooling options, NON ISO MDC is suitable to green field datacenter deployments and can also be integrated into your existing data center facilities.

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Modular server rooms

With more than 500 Data Center Modular Rooms succesfully delivered to date AST Modular can help you achieve a high-quality modular and secure data center and reduce capital and operational costs. Deploayble inside virtually an existing data center, a warehouse or outdoors, Data Center Modular Rooms reduce complexity and time to market whilst still featuring the same attributes as a brick & mortar datacenter.

Electro-magnetic field isolation

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High-frequency shielding

Shielding of an entire room against external Electromagnetic Interference (EMI/RFI) signals. AST offers a standard 30dB Shielding solution (Soft-Tempest), which is cost-effective, quick to install and secure. It decreases more than 90% the incoming strength of any EMI/RFI signal. AST solution is based on highly conductive materials, that through a specific installation technique provides a very consistent performance.

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Low-frequency shielding

Limiting electromagnetic fields into a space, by blocking them with a barrier made of adequate material. Typically allied to rooms or enclosures, separating devices from the “outside world” and to cables, separating wires from the environment the cable runs through.

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